Twin cloud creations has emerged as India’s largest cause related fashion event over the years. This time we are hosting mother and child fashion show with a cause “stop bullying”. Twin clouds is a platform for the real message to get across to raise awareness around a particular cause “stop bullying”. We help in bringing awareness in a holistic way in the lives of women and thus empowering them in a real way.

We are inviting active moms to fill the application and grab a golden chance.

Participant Registrations:

  • Registration Fee – Rs. 9,999 + GST
  • Grooming Charges – only for Finalist
  • Age Groups:
      • Group A  – 7 years to 9 years
      • Group B  – 10 years to 12 years
      • Group C – 13 years to 16 years
      • Group D – 17 years to 19 years
  • Notes: All Judgement is final and depends on independent Jury.
      • All final participant will bear all costs of travel, food logistics etc.
      • Live crowning on national tv
      • Crowned by celebrity
      • Supporting a cause
      • Gain knowledge on the cause and better lifestyle

Grow your business by participating in the biggest fashion show. We provide platform to entrepreneurs to promote and exhibit their products

Products & Services Registration:

1000 Products and Services for providing promotional brochures of their business or samples of their products to make an invitation basket to Celebrities  etc.

Promotion for products and services:

  • Outreach to 2000 pax
  • The samples will be put in  invitation baskets and reach out to bollywood celebrities, entrepreneurs, industrialists, business people etc
  • Product info and logo on event brochure
  • Tagging in our social media with cause
  • Networking

Request  for Product and services department from the following

  • Ethically made
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Made in India/ home made/ handmade
  • Should be able to give 50 samples for promotion
  • Natural/ organic/ practical/ promote wholesome life
  • Sustainable
  • Eco friendly
  • Use for mothers
  • Use for age group of children 7-19 yrs
  • Beauty
  • Food
  • Hygiene
  • Education
  • Wellness
  • Energy
  • Fitness
  • Medical
  • Gifts
  • Home
  • Lifestyle
  • Gift baskets

Professional Registations:

  • Women’s Fashion designers
  • Pre teens/ teens fashion designers
  • Grooming experts
  • Women’ Hairstylists
  • Pre teens / teens hairstylist
  • Women’s Makeup artists
  • Pre teen/ teens makeup artists
  • Women’s Jewellery designers
  • Pre teens / teens Jewellery designers
  • Women’s shoes designers
  • Pre teens/ teens shoes designer
  • Women’s accessories
  • Pre teen/ teen accessories
  • Women’s Personal stylist
  • Pre teen / teen personal stylists
  • Photographers
  • Choreographers

Criteria for designers/ hair / makeup/ accessories:

  • Natural / organic/ eco friendly/ sustainable materials
  • Limited editions
  • Ethically made
  • Luxury
  • Made in India
  • Aesthetically pleasing

Promotion for professionals

  • Be seen on ramp and take a bow as a team
  • Be seen with a cause
  • Social media tagging
  • Networking

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